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golden_op_trio's Journal

ZoroxSanjixLuffy The Hottest Threesome Ever xDDD
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Well… first of all welcome to the first community dedicated to this awesome threesome xD

Community Guidelines

~Posting of fanfiction, fanart, icons, questions, doujinshi, links, whatever; but it HAS to be a relationship with the THREE of them (so, *NO* ZoSan, ZoLu, SanLu, there are communities specialized in those) THIS COMMUNITY IS FOR THREESOME RELATIONSHIP ONLY

~An Lj-cut is required for long posts, posts with adult content or those with many/large images.

~No spamming or senseless posts.

~No flaming toher members please.

~Also no other pairing bashing (well not so much xD)...

~Adult/ NC-17 stuff allowed. (hell yeah :DDD)

~Please, Use this format when posting fanfics:

Author Notes: (If you want to)

About the Posts

The three of them must get love, is not like omg two of them like the same person (the other one) and after a large fight in the end only one ends up with him; NO, simply NOT They MUST end up the three together.... (or make clear that they'll end up togheter eventually.... or something xD)

There can be situations like: Zoro and Sanji both like Luffy and Luffy like ‘em both, but they don’t like each other (or Luffy and Zoro like Sanji or Luffy and Sanji like Zoro, I don’t care as long as are they three); now that’s acceptable, ‘cause at least they share a relationship (and odd one, but a threesome relationship indeed :DD)

You can also use hilaryous situations with the three of them (playing with jealousy, flirtatiousness, etc)or things like that...

...(man I hope I made myself clear)

xD Okay, if you have any doubts about if your submission is suitable for this com, just AIM me (my screenname is NorikoSakuma); I'm not as bad as I look I swear :O xD