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Sweet Treats Part 7

Why couldn’t the muses have thrown this brick at me Before I posted the first six parts of this *rolls eyes.* And look I've actually seem to have found the time line XD

Title ST7 The Dropping of Chocolate pennies <--- Behold the bad Title!
Word Count 520
Rating G

The sun was shining, the sea was blue, all seemed right in the world.
On the surface at least.
Zoro was sleeping at the base of the mast. And Luffy had been kicked out of the galley at least three times now.
But so had Usopp who had only been sitting and tinkering. Luffy was now pouting on the figurehead, or he had been until a gust of wind caught his hat and he started chasing it around the deck. Usopp had simply relocated to a position not all that far from where Zoro was sleeping and started to tinker on deck.
Everything normal.
Save for the fact that every few seconds Zoro would crack open an eye and glare at Nami.
And Nami was not looking at Zoro, but studiously reading a newspaper.
Sanji came out of the galley platter of treats in hand and made a beeline for the Queen Bee of the ship. Fawning over her as love love cooks always do.
Zoro growled.
Usopp blinked. He must have been hearing things. After all everyone had pretty much gotten used to each other now, the last thing they needed was to start fighting, or fighting worse than normal, particularly now that they had a guest on board.
Now that the thought had crossed his mind he realised that he hadn’t seen Vivi all morning.
Oh, wait the cook was swooning again, and sure enough there was Vivi with a Sanji shaped puddle at her feet.
Zoro growled again, Usopp was sure of it this time.

“Zoro? What’s wrong?”

“Stupid witch interrupted us just before the good stuff and now the new girl his getting all the attention.”

Well Nami interrupting Zoro and Luffy would explain the hostility against her but what does that matter about how Vivi was being treated? Usopp had the feeling he was adding two and two but he wasn’t getting four.
Meanwhile Vivi was looking for an escape from the cook, only to be saved by the captain.
Rubbery arms came from no where to wrap around the cook a few second before the rest of the captain collided with him, ending up in a rather compromising position on the floor.

“Sanji!” The captain whined. “You never pay any attention to me and Zoro anymore!”

An angry and very red-faced Sanji threw the rubber man off him, only Luffy managed to keep a one handed grip on the cook’s jacket and they collided again.

“And I’m hungry!”

“Alright, alright I’ll start on dinner!” Sanji shouted as he kicked the captain away.

Luffy landed by Zoro grinning.

“You had him caught like that and you just asked for food?” Zoro asked.

“Yep.” Luffy nodded. “Sanji gives food to the people he loves and he just agreed to make food for us.”

“He’s making food for everyone.” Zoro pointed out.

“Yeah of course.” Luffy agreed. “Because I asked him too.”
Zoro rolled his eyes.

“Usopp help me explain to Lu- Usopp?”

Usopp was just sitting there staring open mouthed at the pair of them, trying to wrap his brain around the new definition of ‘four’.
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