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NooB posting a WIP

Well a long time ago, I wrote a drabble that was LxZ which spawned about 6 or so more that were working their way up to a threesome, until it died.

I've been thinking about resurrecting it for a while, and so, here's what I have so far. ^_^ 1910 words in total.

Title: ST1 Sweet treats
Rating: G
Word Count: 160
Pairing: Luffy/Zoro (Plus Sanji is in it.)

Sanji was having trouble believing his ears.
It wasn’t that Luffy was asking for food that was strange, in fact the fact he was ‘asking’ [Read – Demanding] instead of just taking was a welcome surprise.
What was so shocking was Luffy was asking for food for someone else.
All Sanji knew was that it had better not be for Nami

“And I want you to use sugar on it.”

“Luffy it’s a riceball. It’s meant to be seasoned with salt.”

“But Zoro likes it with sugar.”

Sanji almost choked. It was for Zoro!? He couldn’t Imagine ether the captain or the swordsman in any kind of relation ship, let alone together…

“Please Sanji.”

“Okay okay, but I can’t do much with it or Zoro will know it came from me and I don’t want that Idiot thinking I like him or anything.”
Luffy just smiled.
Sanji hoped that he hadn’t just condemned the ship to sleepless nights from now on.

Title: ST2 The problem with too many treats.
Rating: G
Word Count: 282
Pairing: Luffy/Zoro (Plus Sanji is in it.)

Sanij didn’t know what to do when Sanji walked into his kitchen to make breakfast before Luffy woke up, only to find Zoro waiting there for him.

"Shouldn’t you be keeping the captains bed warm?"
Zoro shot Sanji a glare before looking away.

"Those riceballs that Luffy keeps asking you to make..."

Sanji grinned, he was wondering how long Zoro would hold out, Luffy had decided that Zoro liked sugared riceballs as much as Luffy liked meat, at least that seemed to be the case with the shear number Sanji had been ‘asked’ to make.
He was going to enjoy this.

"Can you suggest something else? Or at least make them normally and just tell Luffy you put sugar on them?"

"Why dose Luffy think you like them like that anyway?"

As if Zoro was going to tell the chief that, he’d just laugh at the swordsman eating that dirty sugared riceball back at the navle base back when he first met Luffy.

"It’s not important. What is important is I can’t fight if I gain anymore weight!" Zoro flushed as he realised he had said the last part aloud.

"I’ll see what I can do, but I want to hear the story behind this."

Once Zoro was out of the kitchen and out of earshot Sanji burst out laughing.
Later that day Luffy offered Zoro his treat.

"Sanji said you might like this better."

Zoro smiled hoping that Sanji had suggested something more suited for a training man to eat.
He hoped in vain.
He smiled at Luffy thinking him for his treat, while mentally vowing to kill the cook.
Still, it least the toasted riceball didn’t have sugar on it.

Title: ST3 Comfort Food
Word count: 618
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hints of a Zo/Lu/San

They had a problem it’s been sulking in the kitchen for the past two days.

“Zoro have you seen Luffy?”

“Do you see me with my eyes open?”

Usopp decided to leave ‘sleeping’ swordsmen lie, or brood at least.
Luffy had even taken Sanji’s night watch for him.
All’s well at mealtime, but the room stinks. Sanji was trying to smoke all the tobacco on the ship at once.
Luffy had been in that kitchen for a damn hour already.
Zoro had finally convinced himself that he wasn’t jealous when he heard the crash.
He entered the kitchen to find both standing over a broken glass that had been full of some frilly cocktail shit.

“I’ll clean it up!”

“No…no it’s okay.” Sanji’s voice was shaky.

“What’s be going to do? Break it more?” Zoro asked, although if possible Luffy would do just that.
Sanji gave up and dropped into a chair drawing Zoro’s attention to what was on the table.
Frilly edible shit to go with the cocktail.
And a bloody riceball.
Zoro sat down too, glaring at his ‘treat’.

“Just what is it with you, Luffy and riceballs.”

Zoro glanced at Sanji. He was pale, dark under the eyes.

“You look like shit cook.”

And his body was shaking where one foot was tapping the floor. His fingers were clinging to the table in a death grip.

“Run out of smokes?”

“Just answer my damn question.”

Zoro saw Luffy look at Sanji worriedly as he cleaned up the frilly mess.
Zoro sighed.

“I was tied and bound, with no food or water, to a spot where the sun slowly cooked me alive” Zoro snorted. “I thought I could do the whole damn month easy.”

Zoro noticed that he had the cook’s whole attention; even the nervous tapping of his leg has stopped.

“Didn’t last half that. On the ninth day, she appeared, never thought I would see the little kid again after the navy had dragged me off, but there she was, with sugared riceballs.”

Luffy laughed.


“Nine days?” Sanji echoed.

Zoro turned his attention back to the cook who looked like he was about to keel over.

“Yeah, thinking back, it was the inactivity and the thirst that was really killing me.” Zoro dismissed the experience. Something about the look on Sanji’s face was turning his stomach.

“Eighty-five. No, wait, sixty actually, I ran out on the twenty-fifth so…”


“Luffy never told you?”

“Told me what?” Zoro looked at Luffy, he was eating the snack meant for Nami.

Sanji ether hadn’t noticed or didn’t care

“That rock that’s been on the horizon for the past two days… it has pools of rain water to drink, it had shelter, although the ship wreckage has probably rotted away by now. And you can move as freely as you want…but there’s no food.”

“You…” Zoro’s mouth went dry. “Sixty days?”

“Zeff too, he, his leg…”

Zoro started to look green in the face as silence fell. A mere nine days had been torturous. He couldn’t imagine sixty.
The silence was broken by the sound of china being slid across wood.
Sanji looked surprised by the riceball he found before him.

“Comfort Food.” Zoro said with a shrug.

Sanji glanced at their captain, unsure how Luffy would react to his lover offering him food.
Luffy was staring at them with an intense look that did nothing for Sanji’s nicotine starved nerves, before breaking into a grin and running from the kitchen.

“Hey! Usopp! Wanna get the cannon out and blow stuff up?”

Zoro shook his head amused.

“If you’re quick Captain might let you light the fuse.”

Title: ST4 Aftertaste
Rating: PG
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Sanji ~~~> Luffy/Zoro

Only a little longer till port.
Only a little longer till port.
If Sanji kept telling himself that, he might resist the urge to throw himself from the top of the mast.
He needed a damn cigarette.
A pair of earplugs too.
They weren’t loud, well, not really.
Yet, since Sanji had talked about the barren island he hadn’t been able to get the two lovers out of his head, and when he happened to overhear the two…
Well let’s just say he’s been seeking almost as much privacy as the lovers themselves.
It was insane, not so much that they were men, he had grown up on a ship-full of men and knew it could happen. (Although he never thought _he_ would fall for another guy) But _two_ of them?
Sanji shook his head. The feelings couldn’t be real, it was just gratitude for the caring ears, twisted by cabin fever into these…urges...
Like right now he wanted to open the door to watch as well as hear. Sanji tore himself away.
He just had to find himself a pretty girl at the next tavern and get rid of all this pent-up frustration
Only a little longer till port.

Title: ST5 Taffy Surprise
Rating: Not sure pg
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Lu/Zo/San

Sanji wore a mask of disgust as he saw Luffy and Zoro kissing in _his_ kitchen

“Hey! Just because you love food doesn’t mean you can have an orgy on my table! We have to eat off that.”

Captain and Swordsman looked at Sanji unperturbed at the interruption.

“You can’t have an orgy with only two people idiot cook.”

The mask faltered, and Zoro’s smirk was, Sanji didn’t want to think what it was.

“Get out.”

They walked to the door, Luffy grinning and Zoro with his…smirk
Upon reaching the door they looked at each other before turning back to Sanji.

“Just for the record, cook, it’s not the crap food.”

A stretchy hand shot forward removing his newly bought cigarette replacing it with a new addition.
Luffy tasted like Taffy.

“It’s the man that makes it.” Luffy finished grinning against Sanji’s lips, before his neck snapped like a rubber band his head flying back to where it came from, and beyond hitting Zoro.


“Oops” Luffy laughed and took off running, Zoro bleeding form the nose and blades at the ready gave chase.

Sanji pulled newly bought earplugs from his pocket.
Maybe he wouldn’t need them after all.

Title: ST5.5 Cherry dare
Rating: Not sure pg/pg13?
Word Count: 150
Pairing: Sanji/Zoro Zoro/Luffy Sanji/Zoro/Luffy
Notes: First posted as Tying the knot. (My first OP drabble, but it fits here so here it us with a name that fits better. XD)

He should have known better really.
After all if Zoro is skilled enough with his mouth to stick a sword in it, fight with said sword, and still talk, then it would make sense that his mouth could be talented with other things if the sword happy idiot ever put any thought into it.
He just hadn’t expected Zoro to be to so good with his mouth even when he hadn’t put thought into it.
He bit back a moan as the more than slightly drunk (For it was unlikely that this game would have transpired if the participants were sober) swordsman poked out his tongue, the cherries resting on it now had a knot tied in the stem.
Zoro smirked at the growing blush on the observer’s cheeks.

“So Luffy.” Zoro licked his lips as he turned from his dry mouthed challenger to his grinning victim. “Truth or dare?”

Title: - ST6 Apple Cider and Rum
Rating: - PG-13
Word Count: - 300
Pairing: - Zoro Sanji, mentioned Luffy Zoro.


Zoro didn’t answer at first. Stupid swordsman probably thought (if he can indeed think at all.) that with a hand under his knee holding his leg around the swordsman’s waist that he was trapped.

Yeah right, sure he was…

He could brake free anytime he wanted.

But first he wanted his answer.

“Oi! Seaweed head! Why?”

“I dun know, Luffy’s idea.” Zoro moved his mouth further up his neck.

“Not so high!” Sanji hissed. “If you leave anything for Nami to see I’ll...”

Zoro growled, and bit into Sanji’s shoulder, a silent order to shut up. The cook shuddered.

“Luffy’s not here now.” As if Sanji would shut up just because Zoro wanted him to.


“So why?”

“Curious.” Zoro answered, shifting his grip on the cook’s leg, his other hand pulling Sanji’s hair pulling him down. The swordsman started to nibble on edge of Sanji’s ear.

The cooks hands than until now had been clamped almost painfully on Zoro’s shoulders started to loosen their grip. One drifted up to Zoro’s hair, tilting his head so Sanji could see the light play on those suddenly fascinating earrings of Zoro’s.

“Curious…about what?” Sanji was about to see how the cool metal would taste when his mouth was invaded with the flavours of Apple cider and rum.

“Curious about-” Zoro invaded his mouth again, as callused fingers struggled with his shirt buttons. “What Luffy sees in you.”

Sanji growled slapping Zoro’s hand away from his shirt. “Brake any buttons and I’ll kick you overboard.”

“Really now?”

“You don’t think I’m serious?”

“Well you haven’t put up much of a fight so far.” Zoro slid his hand under Sanji’s shirt. Raking his nails over Sanji’s stomach. “Why are you letting me do this?”

“Cur-” Sanji’s breath was *not* catching damn it. “Curious”
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